Quebec CanadaUnder Article 95 of the Constitution Act, 1867 and following the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration and Temporary Admission of Aliens concluded in 1991, the Immigration competence is shared with the government of Canada. The federal government provides financial compensation to Quebec for the reception and integration of immigrants.

For all practical reasons, Quebec mirrors the federal programs but maintains the selection criteria of its own. In the category of economic immigration, Quebec offers the following categories:


This category is intended primarily for professionals and skilled workers who have a post-secondary degree in a technical or academic field and who have recent work experience in a field related to their field of study. Quebec has recently published a recent list of professions that are accepted in this category, for which applicants will receive points according to their level and completed training field.


In this category, you will find three sub-categories:

Entrepreneur Program

This program is primarily intended for candidates who have a net asset equal to or greater than $ 300,000 CAN with a recent significant experience in operating a profitable business and has been one of the shareholders of that same business. The candidate in this category must agree to become an entrepreneur by starting or buying a business shortly after his arrival in Quebec

 Self-employed program

To be eligible for this program you must prove that you have the ability to create your own job. A minimum net worth of $ 100,000 and a recent significant work experience as self-employed in the trade or profession you plan to practice in Quebec, are among the evidentiary documents required.

Investor Program

As it’s name suggests, this program is primarily intended for candidates who have high financial means with a net assets of $ 1,600,000 CDN or greater. Investors must agree to invest a sum of $ 800,000 for a period of 5 years and must have a recent relevant experience in business management. The business experience, the company and the assets must meet certain requirements. Note that for now, this program is unique in its kind in Canada.

For all economic categories, candidates must meet predetermined criteria, including age, language and adaptability factors in Quebec. The selection is made by a scoring system hence the importance of properly preparing your case before filing it. Know that all these categories are restricted by quotas and specific application conditions.

We have extensive experience and impressive track record in the field of economic immigration. Give us your hand and let us guide you through this process. For investors who do not want to interrupt their current investments to meet the requirement of $ 800,000, we can offer alternatives to this placement.


Quebec experience class

As a foreign student, a graduate from Québec schools or temporary worker in Quebec, you can make an application for a certificate of selection of Quebec (CSQ) in the skilled worker category. However, you must be 18 years or older and, if you are currently in school, destine to the Quebec labor market in the short term.

Specifically, if you are in one of the following situations, this program maybe for you:

  • Have obtained an eligible Québec diploma, or are in the process of obtaining it
  • You are currently employed, or have held a skilled job in Québec for at least 12 of the last 24 months,
  • You possess skills and knowledge of spoken French
 Family Sponsorship

You can sponsor a close relative if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, living in Québec, aged at least 18 years and if you meet certain requirements. The immigration law is very complex with regards to family sponsorship immigration category. Only a professional can guide you in your application and overcome obstacles that might seem overwhelming at first. You want to reunite with members of your family, take action today! Contact us.

 Temporary status

The idea of living in Québec to work or study appeals to you? Depending on your country of origin, your profile and your intentions towards Quebec, you first should obtain the necessary authorization (Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec) for a temporary stay. Whether for seasonal work, studies or a validate job offer, our team of professionals has the experience and skills you need to make your project possible. Do not wait any longer.


Immigration is a shared responsibility between the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada. To immigrate to Québec, candidates and their families must meet the requirements for the selection AND the admission requirements.

  • Quebec is responsible for selecting immigrants wishing to settle on its territory.
  • Québec exercises its exclusive power to select immigrants according to criteria he has set for itself in terms of its immigration goals. Thus, to be selected, a candidate must meet the requirements of one of the programs upon presenting an application for a Certificat de sélection du Québec and passing the interview part.
  • If the candidate is selected, he/she receives a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), the official immigration document issued by the Government of Quebec.
  • Canada is responsible for the admission of immigrants on its territory.
  • The Government of Canada admits to Québec only those candidates previously selected by Quebec.
  • To be eligible, a candidate must apply for permanent residence and successfully pass (family members if applicable) the medical examination and the required security check.
  • An application for permanent residence is not accepted if the health status of a candidate or a family member (accompanying or not) presents a risk to health or public safety, or may cause excessive demand on health or social services in Canada, even if he has obtained a Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ).
  • Upon arrival, the candidate obtains permanent resident status. This status confers the same rights as any citizen, except the right to vote and to obtain a Canadian passport law. After three years of permanent residence, these rights may be granted by requesting citizenship.


Are you interested in migrating to Canada as a provincial nominee? You must first apply to the province or territory where you want to settle through its nomination process.Or, if you are in the Express Entry pool, a province or territory may invite you to contact them, so they can consider you under their program.

Almost all of Canada’s provinces and territories can nominate people to immigrate to Canada if these candidates have the skills, education and work experience they need to contribute to the economy of that province or territory.

To apply under the Provincial Nominee Program, you must:

  • be nominated by a specific Canadian province or territory, then
  • apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Each participating province and territory has its own nomination guidelines. They can change without notice. You should contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Quebec has its own set of rules that you have to meet prior to submitting your application for PR to the federal government. Our professionals have extensive experience in Quebec immigration law and can help you navigate through it. Get in touch with us today.