We are a dynamic consultancy firm with experienced professionals in the immigration field and other related sectors. Whether your need is for economic immigration applications, family immigration applications or business applications, our team of professionals will make a difference in your application. Our cumulative experiences of several decades are available to you through our consultation services and due diligence practice that earned us a solid reputation in our field. Active listening, creative solutions, a rigorous approach and friendly service are our promise to you. Your immigration project is very serious, do not improvise! Choose your destination and let us take you there. People choose immigration professionals for the same reasons they choose an accountant to file their tax rapport or a mechanic to repair their car. In theory, they are able to complete these tasks, but each his job. Us is immigration. As an immigration candidate, you must understand that the recent reforms made to various programs by different levels of governments puts applicants in contention against each other. It is not enough to meet the program criteria, but you literary should be among the top tier candidates in your category. Hence the importance of enhancing your profile, without misrepresentation, in order to increase your chances of being selected. By emphasizing on your strengths and addressing the weaker aspects of your application, we increase your chances and make you closer to your destination, Canada.


First meeting:

The candidate comes in contact with us for the first time. A first consultation session (20 min) is free. The candidate may expose his case and we will respond within the law and regulations, hence the importance of preparing your questions before the meeting. Following this first meeting, the candidate will have the option to continue for a full consultation session by agreeing to pay the hourly rate. The first part of our retainer is basically to get to know you, know your project and then assess your profile against the appropriate programs that best meet your qualifications.

 Retainer Agreement:

Once you have decided to retain our services, initial consultation fee will be deducted from the professional fees for the processing of your application. This step is crucial. We will study in depth your qualifications and analyze your application against the laws, regulations and criteria established by governments. Next, we will determine a critical path that will allow you to reach your goal eventually.

 Filing your application:

Once you have provided us with all the required documents to support your application, we will conduct due diligence to ensure that the case is ready to be filed. Upon submission of your application, we become your authorized immigration representative and we will act accordingly. As a client, you will have full access to our services without disruption until a final decision is made in your application or until all the services listed in the retainer agreement are completed.


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High professional skills and personalized customer service approach are our seal of quality we put on every case we handle. Our Code of Professional Conduct prevents us from giving guarantees on the outcomes of a case for the simple reason that they are the responsibility of government authorities. However, before we submit our client’s applications, we address their expectations first by assessing their chances of success so they can make a conscious and responsible decision pertaining to their immigration project. We are subject to stringent standards of practice and ongoing professional training that ensure that our skills are always updated. In addition to our internal mechanisms of quality control management, as a client you have the recourses that are conferred to you by our various professional associations as detailed in your retainer Agreement.


Each client is unique and requires our attention differently. Therefore, our fees vary depending on what is required of us. For specific interventions or consultation sessions, an hourly rate will be applied. For more complex or for ongoing service mandates a comprehensive approach will be offered. When you retain our services, you retain competent and effective professionals who have your best interests as a priority.